Who We Are

Kennel di Sopravento comes from passion for dogs of its promoter and owner Corrado de Rose. The breeding kennel has the intent to preserve the breed "Parson Russell Terrier". The farm has had the good fortune to give birth to a few Italians and agility Champion, International champions and other dogs have achieved awards all over the world.

Corrado de Rose in 1996 began to take an interest in the Parson Jack Russell Terriers (so called at the time) a reference was "breeding dei Pianacci" led by Mr. Bellini and Mr. Tatini. After reading everything that he could find about the breed, intrigued and fascinated by this brave dog, rustic, small footprintand sweet, in 12 August 1997 decided to go visit Mr. Massimo Bellini and at his house in Colle Val d'Elsa. So it was that on that day he began an important journey with the race that even now he breeds.


Who We Are

Kennel di sopravento comes from the passion for dogs of its promoter and owner Corrado de Rose ...
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Where we are

Kennel di Sopravento
Roccaromana, CE 81051
Loria, TV 31037


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Corrado de Rose
Tel:338 1994094

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