Giuseppe Colapietro

Our dogs are followed by dr. Giuseppe Colapietro, veterinary surgeon registered medical practitioner veterinarians of Caserta n ° 554.

Dr. Colapietro, performs the vaccine prophylaxis, sampling for genetic testing of race (va), and deals with various and possible health problems of the dogs.

"Recently I had the pleasure to get to know the breeders and I think they are exceptional people.
The passion that we share for dogs and everything that concerns them meant that we have created a relationship of respect and friendship even before work.

I think they are the best breeders I know and I follow from the point of view of breeding. In addition to being a deep knowledge of the breed distinguishes them and a strong sense of humility.

As for breeding, I follow the puppies from the earliest days of life and I was able to ascertain how much passion and dedication the breeders dedicate to their growth. They born in the house (even though the boxes of the breeding are suitable to accommodate a litter) and live 24 hours a day in close contact with the mother in a familiar atmosphere, followed carefully during critical stages of growth (deworming, weaning, vaccinations, etc.). All the puppies are genetically tested and then eventually sold."

Giuseppe Colapietro

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Kennel di sopravento comes from the passion for dogs of its promoter and owner Corrado de Rose ...
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